touching the beauty

Magda Magdalena Trebert


Spot made in 2020 for My Alpaca brand with the ambasador of the brand
I was responsible for the sound, filming and montage. 

Spot made in 2019 for the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science Awards.
I was responsible for the scenario, shooting arrangements, interview, filming, scouting, montage and colour grading. Drone shots by PolaFilms Loïc Gatteau. Each of the scholarship holder has its own individual movie.

Spot made for SENSE DUBAI, amazing perfumery based on Mokotowska street in Warsaw.

Spot for the Polish painter Daria Andrews, who made a special collection of watercolors with a touch of gold for FREYWILLE brand.

Clip for the young & talented Polish singer Sara Morgane.

Spot for my beloved friend and artist Dennise Guzman
Music by "Magical"

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